eCommerce Platform

A single API for every vendor, supplier, and payment service you’ll ever need.

Commerce simplifies the process of finding service providers, suppliers and cashless payment services by aggregating them into one API.

Thousands of integrated service providers and service aggregators from around the world are readily available through our single, universal API.

Our platform facilitates integration with mobile applications for all major platforms, websites, and bot integration. The system supports loyalty systems, MLM, ERP/CRM integration, OLAP analytics, BI tools, and more.

Users benefits

  • Get the service you need when you need it by searching through the detailed service provider database.
  • Tariffs are calculated in the most advantageous way.
  • Simplified payments made through a designated agent or partner sales channel.
  • Digital goods can be delivered by email, to a mobile phone, or a user’s personal account.

Owners benefits

  • Increased ARPU by providing customers with a wide range of payment options inside your sales channels.
  • Operational compatibility and functionality within any country, with any currency, and at any scale.
  • Supports seamless integration with your existing loyalty systems.
  • New users acquisition by Direct Marketing (MLM).
  • Data mining.

How to Monetize eCommerce platform

  • Generate direct income from fees taken from each payment.
  • Indirect income from attracting new customers and on-boarding them.
  • Indirect income from increased sales of existing customers.

Main features of the Platform


  • One configuration can be used to support multiple countries in a multinational setting.
  • Multi-currency.
  • Add an unlimited number of service providers and aggregators.
  • Add and modify an unlimited amount of distributing agents with unique conditions, service lists, and sales channels.

Business functions

  • A consistent service that provides you with complete control over how you manage integration, service aggregation, the service providers list, and the overall direction of the platform.
  • Easy integration with your existing payment methods.
  • Service inquiry basket including several service providers with a single payment option.
  • An opportunity to manage extension of the integration with new aggregators or service providers.
  • Subsystem of digital goods that can be delivered to your customers however they want them.
  • Value added support for service catalogue synchronization, reservation cancellations, and payment cancellations.
  • Support for the reconciliation process.
  • Complex multistage sales processes.
  • Support for seats booked in carriages, cabins, or buildings.


  • Subsystem of service catalogue management based on sales channels.
  • Subsystem of tariff rates management based on sales channels, an aggregator, or a service provider.
  • Profitability maximization at different tariff rates available for one type of service.


  • Data encryption for user’s personal data.
  • Protected channels for data transferring.
  • Internal audit system for changes in the system.

Sales channels

  • Cross platform application for IOS and Android
  • Integrative widget for any website
  • Self-service terminal software for end-customers
  • API


  • An opportunity to manage the web-service accessibility at the sales channel level.
  • Enterprise level database Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Reporting Server TIBCO JasperServer.

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