Rewards Platform

mReward is the perfect tool to incentivize and reward your customers for shopping with your company. Whether you’re developing, or build a new loyalty program, mReward makes it easy to do both.

You can’t afford not to provide a rewards program

Rewards programs are a must-have today. Your customers want them, your competition has them, and you cannot afford to not have one. Loyalty programs are one of the easiest ways to build brand loyalty and to turn customers into lifelong ones.

mReward works with real money in the form of cash back and can even offer point redemption programs and other bonuses.

The platform is easily customizable and suitable both for building mono-brand and multi-brand loyalty programs.

Smart CRM, a powerful tool for marketing and customer relations manage­ment comes standard with mReward. The platform includes a toolkit for customer data management, the ability to sort various types of customers by socio-demographic data, as well as by purchasing behavior.

The software can also run advertising and promotional campaigns and is equipped with marketing communication tools and offers up‑to‑date methods for data processing, analytics, and reporting.

Key Differentiators

  • A turnkey, white label platform that is easily customizable to the needs of your business.
  • Suitable for both mono-brand and multi-brand loyalty programs.
  • Turn your loyalty card into a payment card through the power of the app.
  • Wide variety of reward mechanics (discounts, bonuses, cash back, and more).
  • Smart segmentation analytics
  • Early access to new features for all members.
  • Available on both desktop and mobile.

Inside Rewards

  • Reward system in a variety of forms (prizes, points, bonuses, rewards, levels, ratings, and more).
  • Bonuses and points can be spent on real purchases within the loyalty network.
  • Merchant account with business profile tools and customer flow management tools.
  • Advertising campaigns (promotions, contests, targeted newsletters, direct emails, SMS, mailings, SMM, templates, and more).
  • Transaction history and analytics (including graphical representation, filtering, and more).
  • Customer segmentation based on personal data and purchasing activity.





Companies with network established organization of sales and product producers in need of additional counterfeit protection.

The problems mReward solves:

mReward helps retailers increase customer engagement and boosts satisfaction by increasing loyalty, sales and average value spent, creating access to new client base, generating free targeted advertising and the overall promotion of new products.

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