Rewards is glad to present a multifunctional platform for loyalty programs management, mReward, combining smart CRM solution and bonuses management.

Customer loyalty management system by is grounded on rewarding the customers for action (purchasing the good or service) in the merchantʼs point of sale or in the network of the loyalty program participants.

Works with real money in form of cash-back as well as with points and bonuses.

The platform is easily customizable and suitable both for building monobrand and multibrand (coalition) loyalty programs.

Smart CRMas a part of mReward by is a powerful tool for marketing and customer relations manage­ment.

The platform includes toolkit for customer data management, for various types of customer segmentation by socio-demographic data as well as by purchasing behavior.

The software also allows running advertising and sales pro­motion campaigns and is also equipped with marketing communication tools (text messages, email, social media) and offers up‑to‑date methods for data processing, analytics, and reporting.

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Key Differentiators

  • A ready-made or easily customizable white-labeled solution
  • Suitable for both monobrand and multibrand loyalty programs
  • Loyalty card = payment card, but with the mobile app thereʼs no need in carrying the card
  • Wide variety of reward mechanics (discounts, bonuses, cash back, etc.)
  • Smart segmentation, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Early access to new features
  • Desktop and mobile

Inside Rewards

  • Reward system in a variety of forms (prizes, points, bonuses, rewards, levels ratings)
  • Bonuses and points can be spent for real purchases within the loyalty network
  • Merchant account with business profile tools and customer flow management tools
  • Advertising campaigns (promotions, contests, targeted newsletters, direct emails, sms mailings, SMM, templates, etc.)
  • Transaction history and analytics (including graphical representation, filtering, etc.)
  • Customer segmentation based on personal data and purchasing activity





companies with network established organization of sales, product producers in need of additional counterfeit protection

What customer problem is solved

increasing loyalty, increasing sales and average value spent, wide access to new client base, free targeted advertisement and promotion of new products

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