Manage and control the way your customers shop
  • Create new sales channel for your services and those offered by third party providers.
  • Add new customers by integrating your existing loyalty programs into the application.
  • Increase sales through a simplified payment process.
  • Increasing unprompted purchases, because of the possibility of payment in one click.
  • Reward your customers for shopping with your business through in-app rewards and promotions.
  • Directly control your marketing campaigns by providing personalized promotions through push notifications in the app.
  • Grow your user base through an easy-to-use referral program.
Make shopping easier for your customers
  • Never worry about forgetting a debit or credit card. All payments are made in seconds through the app.
  • Products are scanned using a QR code and paid for in-app using a secure system. The entire transaction is processed and completed through the app.
  • Take advantage of bonus programs, MLM systems, savings discounts, and other platforms that reward you for shopping.

Our Platform Is Designed For:


  • Online Payments (Online Shopping, Invoice & Bill Payments)
  • Money Transfers (Card-to-Card, Worldwide Money Transfers)
  • Top Up & e-Tickets (Utility Bills, Telecom Bills, Public Transport, Rail)
  • Shopping (Supermarkets, Stores, Restaurants, Gas Station, etc.)
  • Mobile Banking and Categorized Expense Reporting
  • Direct Interaction Between User and Brand (Live Chat, Support, Direct Marketing)

How to Monetize Your Mobile Wallet

  • Direct income from fees from each payment.
  • Indirect income from onboarding new customers.
  • Indirect income from increased sales of existing customers.

It’s More Than Just a Mobile Wallet

Full-cycle processing of electronic money
“Mono” brand or “Coalition” loyalty programs management
Mobile gift card management systems
Mobile marketplace for providers of goods and services


Never lose your wallet again. Your mobile wallet is always with you, easily accessible, allows you to skip the line, and simplifies the payment process.
  in a store  
  and go  
 Pay in seconds  
 for anything: 
 Food, services, 
 transit, and more. 
  Advertise more  
  effectively using   
  customer data  
  collected by the app.  

Put your customers in control of their shopping experience.
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