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Additional Possibilities to manage
End Users’ Consuming
New sales channel for provided services or services of partners;
Obtaining additional customers through loyalty systems built in application;
Increasing sales, caused by always available simple payment instrument;
Increasing unprompted purchases, because of the possibility of payment in one click;
Re-treatment of customers (e.g. cumulative bonuses in the app);
New channel for strictly targeted marketing campaigns via the app and push notifications;
Attracting new customers inviting new users by existing customers (for instance, MLM system).
Additional Convenience
to Consume

Convenience of payment for services and goods, as the phone is always with you.

During the process of payment you just need to scan QR code, no need for using credit card data, payments are safe, no one is able to steal card data, all confirmations are carrying only through the phone.

There is an opportunity to participate in the bonus systems, MLM systems, savings discounts, etc.

Who we are working for


  • Online payments (Online shopping, Invoice & Bill payment)
  • Money transfer (card to card, worldwide money transfer)
  • Top Up & e-Tickets (Utility Bill, Telco, public transport, rail)
  • Shopping (supermarket, store, restaurant, gas station, etc)
  • Mobile Banking and categories expense reporting
  • Direct interaction between User and Brand (Chat live, Direct Marketing)

Monetization ofthe project

  • Direct income from fees of each payment;
  • Indirect income from attracting new customers;
  • Indirect income from increased sales of existing customers.

Not just a mobile wallet

Full-cycle processing of electronic money
“Mono” brand or “Coalition” loyalty programs management
Mobile gift cards management systems
Mobile marketplace for goods and services suppliers


Imagine you wallet is always in Your pocket, never mind where You go or where You are. And suddenly You see the goods or services you want...
  in a store  
  Scan -   
  and pay  
  for : Music,  
  tv-shop, etc.  
  and buying  
  have never  
  been easyer  

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